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Arachnia flash game has been played 811 times. Arachnia game online is a Action game developed by deadlypear. Play Arachnia game free online and beat this deadlypear featured premium flash game. Stucked in the game and looking for answer solution on how to beat, solve, and pass the level? You can view the Arachnia video walkthrough on YouTube or discuss Arachnia walkthrough, guide, tips, tricks, cheats, hack, Q&A help at Arachnia Game Forum.

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Play Arachnia Free Game Online

Play Arachnia Game

Arachnia (visit Arachnia Forum for game discussion)
Total Plays: 811
Category: Action
Author / Publisher: deadlypear
Arachnia Walkthrough Guide: Visit Arachnia Flash Game Forum

Game Description:

Arachnia is a one room survival game about the fear of spiders... in the dark.

Game Instructions:

Keep the spiders off the girl by clicking to kill the spiders. INCREASING DIFFICULTY: Game difficulty gradually increases, responsive to your skill level. FLASHLIGHT runs out, until you're left in the dark. Pick up BATTERIES to keep your light juiced. ANTIDOTE (health packs) replenish your health bar when you've been bitten. FLARES light up the entire screen for a limited time so you can see all the spiders and item drops. BUG SPRAY repels and kills spiders from the three block square surrounding your character for a limited time. GRENADES instantly kill all spiders in a three block square around the grenade when clicked. ESC key quits from gameplay without saving score.

Arachnia Official Video Walkthrough Trailer:

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Flash Game Swf Dimension: 700 pixels in width and 548 pixels in height

More Categories: Action, Other, Strategy

The publisher and developer for Arachnia free online game is deadlypear published as top best MochiGames. The dimension or size for Arachnia game online is 700px in width and 548px in height. Arachnia free game for online play and download for offline play on PC has an online game id of 440 with slug arachnia and can be played in full screen on Mochi Media. This Action game free download Arachnia deadlypear game has 811 players. You can share, comment, review, and discuss Arachnia cheats, hack, wiki, answers, solution, help, how to, guide, walkthrough at Arachnia forum. Play deadlypear Arachnia game free online using flash player at Games Dreams gaming zone.