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    Which PS2 RPG Is The Best?

    I've always been a fan of RPGs. Unfortunately, I haven't played many RPGs for the Playstation 2 system. There has been a number of Playstation 2 RPGs that I've been recommended over the years but I've never had the chance to actually try them out. The only Playstation 2 RPG that I spent a lot of time playing was Final Fantasy X and I'd recommend it to anyone. My Playstation 2 broke before I had a chance to finally try out any of the other popular Playstation 2 RPGs.

    If you're an avid fan of RPG games, what Playstation 2 RPGs would you recommend to someone who wants to play games in their favorite genre again on the Playstation 2? Why do you like these games?

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    Kingdom Hearts, if you like Disney and RPG games, that's a great combination.

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    Tenchu Wrath Of Heaven and Tenchu Fatal Shadows
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