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    DH Texas Poker Cheats & Tricks

    If you have tried or know any best working DH Texas Poker cheats, new version hack, cheat codes, unlimited money, cheat sheet, cash hack tool, DH Texas Poker hacked, cracked, latest bot program, mods, cheat engine download no survey, without virus and spyware free, you can share those DH Texas Poker hacks with us here, in the main forum of this game, or in the cheats and hack sub-forum.

    Here is the link to DH Texas Poker cheats videos on YouTube for more additional DH Texas Poker hack, tricks, and cheats (if there isn't any relevant result, try changing the cheats to "hack", "cheat", or just search for the plain "DH Texas Poker" game title).

    Note: All posts with illegal DH Texas Poker hack tools or survey sites will be deleted. Kindly report the bugs here for game developers to debug for best gameplay experience. You're welcomed to share useful DH Texas Poker tricks or legit cheats you've discovered in the game.
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    These are DhTexasPoker promo codes. Each code is worth $50,000 free poker chips. To use the codes, when you start the game, next to your picture it says "Promo Code" press that. Then type in any code in the list. Below that you will see another code. Thats your code to share as you please.
    The codes are good to share on any social website. Its actually to your advantage to get others the use your promocode if they play Dh Texas Poker. When other players use your code and purchase any amount of chips, you receive 10% of the amount they purchase.($700million chips purchased for $400us dollars=$70million to you if the purchaser has used your code. Once the promo code is used it cant be changed so if that person makes a number of purchases...you score Referrer Rewards. A good place to share your codes are with friends,Facebook,Twitter, etc. Dh Texas Poker also has a Twitter @dhtexaspokerusa. They tweet daily with updates on rewards, tasks that win you chips and they also share player codes when you send or retweet with your code to @dhtexaspokerusa.


    !!!WARNING!!! DH TEXAS POKER IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE and could get you in the wallet.
    Some players spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on virtual poker chips in Dh Texas Poker. Real Money!!! Thats why sharing your code is so important. Sharing your code with a High Roller can mean millions in Referrer Rewards. The value to purchase those chips on your own would put a serious dent in your wallet or max out your credit card. Dont think so? Try the game with a few million to start and see if you dont get hooked. The developers at Droidhen games must be raking in the cash. Dh Texas Poker is by far the best mobile app bar none.

    Dh Texas Poker CANNOT be hacked! There are lots of youtube videos, websites etc claiming you can get a Dh texas poker hack/cheat tool is all bogus. Its all just to get you to fill out a survey or infect your device with a virus. Believe me...there are ppl who have tried and continue to try with no success.

    The fact Dh Texas Poker cannot be hacked is what makes this one of, if not, the best live Texas holdem on Android and Iphone os. The UI is much easier and the social aspect is by far the best. Easily making friends and sharing gifts. Even giving/receiving chips from friends away.


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