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Thread: IRUNA Online Hack & Bug Report - IRUNA Online (View Game Forum)

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    IRUNA Online Hack & Bug Report

    We all love smooth and fair game. This thread is for gamers to report illegal use of IRUNA Online hack and bugs you have noticed in the game so that game developers are aware of it and can debug to make IRUNA Online game hack-free and bug-free.

    Please report players who have IRUNA Online hacked or cracked, and filter out any new working IRUNA Online hack tool, free download survey scam site with virus or spyware, cash cheat sheet, money, items, codes obtained without approval, level or password crack, game software update bugs, lag, updated cheat engine, latest version of IRUNA Online trainer download, glitch, auto-training bot system programs, etc.

    Please respect the game developers by using only legal IRUNA Online cheats or tricks (can be found on IRUNA Online Game Forum) but not manipulating any potential IRUNA Online bugs or hacks.

    PS: Please DO NOT share any IRUNA Online hacks or any survey site with free hack tool download or your account will get BANNED!! You are only allowed to report any potential game-breaking hacking tool, cracking tool, IRUNA Online bugs, or game server lagging problems!!

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    I had a problem with my chara , the main quest are bugged, it happend when im doing my quest with party mode then i got DC, when i relog and back the quest mark was gone, the quest list still ask me to do the same quest but when i try it again the quest wont process the quest marker just disapear even in blinking mark setting, my char nick is Arshlen

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    I was trying to update my iruna. I use iOS 6. But when the app request the update and i click it, it directs me to official website and i can't even update it from the app store. And i can't login now because the app needs to be updated first. What to do?

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