The Nintendo 64 released a whole new world for Nintendo fans in 1996; however, the system still received a high level of criticism from those who weren't loyal to it. If you remember, the Nintendo 64 was the only console that still used cartridges at that time. For this reason, many owners of the Playstation would praise that the Sony system was better than the Nintendo 64 although the Playstation only had 32 bit graphics. Most of my friends would pay special attention to the Playstation system because of its library of video games and considered the Nintendo 64 to be something that seemed a bit dated and childish. I don't remember ever agreeing with them.

I didn't own the Nintendo 64 then, but I still say that some of the best video games of that era were released for the Nintendo 64. Games such as Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Super Smash Bros. were extremely successful. Despite this, many people I knew still acted as if the Playstation was somewhat superior or just avoided the Nintendo 64 altogether. I don't think that this system got nearly the credit that it deserved.

Do you feel that the Nintendo 64 was an underrated system?