One of the things that many gamers complain about when it comes to video game consoles is the controller that the console uses. If the controller isn't the right fit and feel for the gamer, then it usually sets a bad impression for the gamer in regards to the whole entire system. The Sega Dreamcast was a great system that unfortunately wasn't able to stand up to the Playstation 2, Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube. While I remember the Dreamcast for its video games, I mostly remember the Sega Dreamcast for its uncommonly large controller. Seriously, that controller was the biggest controller that I ever encountered up to that point and since then.

I played two video games the most on the Sega Dreamcast. Those two games were Soul Calibur and WWF Attitude. Needless to say, getting the grasp of the controls was a job in itself. I knew how to play the games, but the controller was a tad bit overwhelming for me. I honestly believe that the controller in part was what harmed the system as well. It's pretty unfortunate when you think of it.

Does anyone actually know of any controllers bigger than the Sega Dreamcasts controller? What were your impressions of the Dreamcast controller?