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Thread: Now why can't I ever find cool games at thrift stores? - NES / SNES Chat (View Game Forum)

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    Feed Now why can't I ever find cool games at thrift stores?

    NES: Now why can't I ever find cool games at thrift stores?

    Info on shared link:
    Woman Picks Up Rare 15,000 Nintendo Game For 7.99 At Goodwill

    A North Carolina woman has picked up the mother of all bargains at her local Goodwill: A copy of the game Stadium Events for Nintendo's NES system. The Goodwill price? 7.99. The game's value? Roughly 15,000. While most people will be unaware of Stadium Events, collectors count the game as the Holy...

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    Google showed me where she could've gotten a ROM and saved $7.99!

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    Some people have all the luck. Sheesh! I wonder if this lucky person will flip the game on eBay?

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    why i go to thrift stores and pawnshops

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    And here I thought my kid got a deal nabbing Zelda 2 for three bucks.

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    i remember the pad, damn i feel old

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    that really is goodwill...

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    i picked the jetsons for nes for 2 dlls

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    really? This is the game that came with the power pad if you pre ordered the set from nintendo power. I really really really wish this hadnt got sold at a garage sale years ago!

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