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    what is your all time favorite console?

    Of all the new gaming platforms out there like the Ps3, Xbox, Wii etc. There has got to be one that you most like. One that you just cant throw away no matter how old it is.

    Please feel free to post your opinions here on your all time favorite gaming platform and tell a little story why it is your no. 1.

    As for me, my all time favorite platform will the Snes. All those fun memories I had when i was still a kid playing my favorite games like Super Mario, Chrono trigger and Super Metroid. It's priceless, something you can't exchange for 3D graphics and gruesome action. Until now I still have my Snes boxed up somewhere.

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    I prefer Xbox 360 because it's much better then other consoles.....I'm also using Xbox 360 because the video quality is too cool...

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    Wait a second......a

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    Mine too is xbox 360. Nothing beating it when it comes to playing those impactful games.

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    My favorite game console is JXD S7800B.

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