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    Feed This hamburger is just silly:

    Kotaku: This hamburger is just silly: http://trib.al/zfLZ0Vz

    Info on shared link:
    Famed Japanese Anime Leads to Ridiculous Hamburger

    To mark Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo's Blu-ray and DVD launch, burger chain Lotteria is unleashing a jumbo hamburger in Japan.

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    It's like they incorrectly assumed Burger King made a Windows 8 burger, and decided to one-up it anyway.

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    Criticizing such an epic burger?

    Do you even Murica, Kotaku?

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    ..I see nothing silly about this burger

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    In Japan it's ridiculous. In Murica it's breakfast.

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    quality gaming content

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    Evangelion wins again.

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    had this already 3 years ago

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    I would purchase this just for the Spear of Longinus fork.

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    clearly no one has seen Man Vs Food..this is nothing compared to some of the stuff on there.

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    You know what they call a quarter pounder in Japan?

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    Get fat at Lotteria and waddle around the corner to the Eva Store.

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