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    Best Ps2 games ever

    God of War 2 has my vote for the best Ps2 game ever. Who wouldn't love Kratos. the angry god of war with poor anger management. But that's exactly what we love. Running around everywhere killing monsters in a very brutal way. That's what makes this game entertaining, how bloody and brutal it is. Ever had one of those days at work when some one in you office just gets so irritating for their own good and you just want to bite their head off? Then you come home and plug in your Ps2 insert God of War 2 and just run around tearing monsters apart. It just kinda makes you feel better does it not?
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    It is a pretty awesome, the graphics and gameplay are just superb. It's hard to point just 1 game though, there's so many!

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    I have a whole list of my favorite PS2 games! Here you go:
    Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening - One of the very best examples of the character and action sub-genre.
    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - Starts off with a kick-ass mission aboard a freighter and gets only better from there.
    Resident Evil 4 - This one has some world-class action.
    Star Wars: Battlefront II - Star Wars was actually born to be a video game.
    Kingdom Hearts - If this game didn't exist, we'd never have gotten to know Sora, Riku or Kairu, following their adventures through the magical worlds that make up our collective childhoods.

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