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Thread: Odin Blessing Hack & Bug Report - Odin Blessing (View Game Forum)

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    Odin Blessing Hack & Bug Report

    Report Odin Blessing hack and bug you've encountered in this game here. We all love smooth and fair game. This thread is for gamers to report illegal use of Odin Blessing hack download and bugs you have noticed in the game so that game developers are aware of it and can debug to make Odin Blessing game hack-free and bug-free.

    Please report players who have Odin Blessing hacked or cracked, and filter out any new working Odin Blessing hack tool 2013, free download survey scam site with virus and spyware, cash cheat sheet, money cheat code, items, level or Odin Blessing hack with no survey, hack site with or without survey, password crack, keygen generator, game software update bugs, lag, error, updated cheat engine, latest version of Odin Blessing trainer download, hack.exe, glitch, auto-training bot system programs, etc.

    Please respect the game developers by using only legal Odin Blessing cheats or tricks (can be found on Odin Blessing Game Forum) but not manipulating any potential Odin Blessing hack or bug.

    PS: Please DO NOT share any Odin Blessing hacks or any survey site with free hack tool download or your account will get BANNED!! You are only allowed to report any potential game-breaking hacking tool, cracking tool, Odin Blessing bugs, or game server lagging problems!!

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    I have an issue with the ancient grave........I recharged and got 20 tickets, so I go to treasure hunt, and neither of them are named "ancient grave", it's Ancient Ruins, and Warriors Grave......do the tickets work in both? Anyway, seeing how I've got 20 tickets, I started to use them, or so I thought. It tells you on the screen tickets will be used first. I had 261 gl when I started, but was down to 6 by the time I noticed it was using my gl. I look in inventory and there are still 20 tickets sitting there. Now I don't make a whole lot of money, and probably shouldn't have spent what I did on the recharge........but I can't afford for you to take my gl and leave the tickets when I've legitimately earned them and thought I was spending them. I'm going to spend 10 if I can, and I'll leave 10 in my BP. If at all possible, could you please give me back my 260 gl and take the 10 tickets? I play on Artemis, server 5, character name is Jasa.

    Okay, I refreshed the game, and go in and look at treasure hunt, and neither ancient ruins or warriors grave show I have any tickets. So it's not recognizing the fact that I have the tickets.......so, if you can, take 10 or them, I split them up, and leave me with 10, and if you can, please make my tickets active.
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