By the time that your character reached level 50, you can now start creating items known as “Crafting”. Crafting items and accessories is a very expensive hobby in-game but, once you’ve reached the profitable level of your crafting profession, all your spending will be back to you and it might be doubled or even bigger. Some successful characters in-game has great epic items. You won’t believe yourself that they just get their items just by crafting. But, before they achieve that level of items, it cost them really big spending tons of Alz just to make their craft profitable.

Some characters just ask: “How did they do that?” Well, in this thread, we will discuss all about crafting, the rules, and different crafting professions and how to make your crafting profession profitable.

Crafting Professions :
Crafting professions part 5: (sorry for the typo of the title) :

Crafting Materials:

Leveling up your craft:

Making your craft profession profitable:

Best crafting profession for profit: