.Hack//Link doesn’t have English version - .Hack//Link English Patched?

Namco Bandai produced a game based on anime series its call hack//link. It’s the story of a game player in virtual world called the world. Basically, people are connected to a machine and it was like they’re dreaming but actually they are playing the game. I had played several series of this game when it was released on PS2 like .Hack//Sign but the last series would be on PSP which is .hack//link. When you played earlier installment it feels like you are the character of this game. You’ll read some email, invite friends, do some side quests, It was like MMORPG with a linear story line. There’s a lot of characters in this game and you’re not going to beat only monsters, you can also battle with a player (PvP).

This is one of my favorite RPG games because it’s not like the typical Role playing games where you just solve complicated puzzles, impossible to beat monsters and all of that. It has the unique storyline, gameplay, characters and not to mention the costumes. But the only problem is how can you understand what they are saying? I don’t have time to study Japanese language because the last installment is japan version. I am very disappointed about this final series of this game because it doesn’t have any English version. There’s many link saying that it has been English patched but it’s not reliable. Some of them has a virus so could you please post the right link here for the complete English patch of this game because even if I cross my finger or post petition with a lot of gamers signed on it and post it directly on namco-bandai sites. I knew that they will not release this game in US.