How to beat FF13 mission 58 with 5 stars? The Final Fantasy 13 strategy and tips on FF13 mission 58 help below will guide you on where to find FF13 mission 58 stone location, how to unlock, side quest, prerequisite, map location, mark location, and others in Final Fantasy 13. Get, do and defeat FF13 mission 58 quest 58 by following this FF13 mission 58 guide and walkthrough given below.

Final Fantasy 13 Mission 58 Guide:
Mission 58 (Class B) - The Culler of Many -
Stone Location: The Archylte Steppe - Eastern Tors
Monster Location: Mah'habara - The Earthworks
Items: Speed Sash
Target: Humbaba

Mission Description:
They can restore their HP and become powerful when they stand up so itís better if youíre going to beat him before he stand up.
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