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Thread: Download this week's free Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate DLC to hunt a ferocious - Nintendo Wii U Chat (View Game Forum)

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    Feed Download this week's free Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate DLC to hunt a ferocious

    Wii U UK: Download this week's free Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate DLC to hunt a ferocious Ivory Lagiacrus. Unlike its regular counterpart, this sub-species of Lagiacrus spends almost all of its time on land. There's nowhere to hide!

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    I HAVE to get this game! And now Tri has no online I have nothing to do except go through with a bowgun and im no good with them :/

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    Is this game good?
    With a bit of persuasion I will buy it end of the week

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    It's very good. The DLC is for challenge missions, which anyone can access. The DLC is just an extra mission with that creature.

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    I can't put MH3U down. I play indoors on Wii U, and then carry on on 3DS XL when I'm travelling. It's easily the best game of the year so far.

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    Its not a game that really demos well to be fair, the only thing i can think of is something like dead rising case zero where instead of trying to cross section the game, they make a small village with a handful of craftable weapons, some monsters to fight and a small self contained story. The danger is you'd almost certainly have to pay for it and that would turn people off.

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    the game is so much better than the original mh 3 on wii and has lots more monster. though i do play more on 3ds than wii u

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    Yup I Lagi challenge mission, should be sweet as Ive done the brachy one too many times now. Gessing theres about another 10 or so challenge missions to come based on the japanese release.

    Aaron - Theres a demo on the store, maybe a good place to start?

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    I love this game nearly 100 hours in if you enjoyed any of the other monster hunter games I recommend this 1 for sure =]

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    The demo is a pretty poor representation of the full game, if i hadn't already been a fan the demo would have put me off.

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    The demo is not a good place to start. It's not representative of the game proper in any way shape or form.

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    Hows this DLC? Its in the game already

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