Farm Heroes Saga is a cute match 3 game published by King or previuosly and is available for playing in Facebook game app. The cute elements with facial details and expression for the vegetables, water, sun, crops, and animals will certainly attract all match 3 game lovers with the extreme cuteness. For Farm Heroes Saga level 85, you can pass the level by collecting as many crops as you can which meet the minimum requirement with 1 star, and you can get 3 stars if you have collected more than required which is quite difficult. Water and sun are 2 of the basic elements in the game you'll have to collect in bulk.

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Farm Heroes Saga level 85 Video Walkthrough Guide (YouTube Video):

Follow the guide on Farm Heroes Saga level 85 cheat help shown in this forum thread in playing Farm Heroes Saga Facebook game for beating, passing, and solving this puzzle level. You can view List of Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough Solution for All Levels and navigate to Farm Heroes Saga Forum for all Farm Heroes Saga Facebook game sharing and discussion.