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Thread: Gobble up Pac-Dots, Power Pellets and ghosts, all from your Wii U GamePad - Nintendo Wii U Chat (View Game Forum)

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    I dont paid 400 dollars for this, Nintendo! ¬¬

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    i waiting for earthbound and super mario RPG

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    would definitely buy if it came with the 3ds version or a heavily discounted 3ds purchase

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    Nintendo please give us Contra, Super C, Contra III, Megaman X to X3 with the one from GBA, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Super Street fighter, Mario Sunshine, The Star fox and so on. Give us all your best games. I know your library are rich. Let's make Wii U the best console ever.

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    Bit of a joke, now...I would not be happy if I owned a Wii U.

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    At least A Link to the Past or Chrono Trigger, Nintendo. Please.

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    Oh and by the way Nintendo I personally will never spend $5 on pac man or donkey kong!! Add better, longer games if you want that type of cash!!

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    Really? There are better games than this, not saying that there's anything wrong with Pac-Man.

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    Awesome! We get PacMan from 1981, but not current games or DLC. Nintendo, you're really breaking my heart :/

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    Pacman is an undeniable classic! Gonna haveta grab it soon!

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    Where's my Pong at? I need so beep boop boop beep you know?

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    umm i think any super nintendo title would be a better addition.

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    Pac-man is a classic, and one that casuals may enjoy as well as the more "gamer" players. Couldve been a better pick, but yeah I would definitely spend 5$ on this, as I might spend more on it at an arcade.

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