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Thread: Gobble up Pac-Dots, Power Pellets and ghosts, all from your Wii U GamePad - Nintendo Wii U Chat (View Game Forum)

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    I love Nintendo but their Australian Pricing of Virtual Console titles on the Wii U is an absolute joke.

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    Alright! Keep em' comin'!

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    I'd personally play it the way it was......OFF A CARTRIDGE!! Wayy cheaper than 5-10 bucks.

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    hummmfff... je prefere les nouveautés téléchargeable exclusive * la Wii u .

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    How about some real NEW games Nintendo? Instead of rehashing the same crap

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    Hmmm...I would prefer SNES games...or N64 games...or Gamecube games...even Game Boy Advance games..

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    To all you hating on classic games... Classic gaming is popular and requested by many people so just because you do not like them doesn't mean they are crap. Some of you people commenting were not even born when these games come out which I find funny because these are the games that will around forever. No one is going to remember the latest Call of doody black poops 2 because those games are not timeless like many of the games Nintendo brings to us through their virtual console service.

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    As much as I want to support the VC, two games per week....

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    Aw come on, no is going to make a Scott Pilgrim reference here?

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    Pacman! Almost makes me wish I still had my WiiU! :|

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    Pick up Kirby for 30 cents

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    my mom loves this game

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    what kind of joke is this price??

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