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Thread: The Blue Bomber jumps through a boss door and onto Wii U! Download the - Nintendo Wii U Chat (View Game Forum)

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    Why not just part the entire wii Vc to wii u..? I can't imagine it being to hard...

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    Bring us some classic NES games from Konami, Capcom and Hudson!

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    Get this if you have never played it before and would like to. However the game to get is Super Mario World. No emulator can match the upscaled HD goodness of that game on Wii U.

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    I do not own a mega man collection . Thanks Nintendo.

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    Not only did WiiU drop the ball with Madden not coming to WiiU cause of the BS and ops 2 no DLC and no new games catching our eyes I am holding on to what can be but it looks like just a dream sold in limbo

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    Oh... is that my Wii U calling me to go buy this game? :O

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    I'm planning on getting the original NES cartridge anyway (it's the only original Mega Man game I don't have yet). I only really use Virtual Console for games that are too expensive to buy the original versions of (Earthbound). What really needs to happen, though, is for Capcom to get off their butts and make a new Mega Man game.

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    Prepare to Rage Quit

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    Cheat: before any difficult moment. Create a restore point. You'll never lose a life again

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    How about more than 2 games a week?

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    It'd be kinda nice to release the "X" series on the VC, too...

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    The hardest one to beat of them all. From 2 on they got easier and easier.

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    Cool... please add trophy/achievement support to the Nintendo Network, and widescreen for VC titles. Thank's.

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    All Nintendo gonna do is re release VC games that were already on the Wii instead of releasing ones that haven't been previously available

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