How to get best Weapons in FFX? Hints and Tips to obtain ultimate weapons in FFX. Aquiring Ultimate weapons in FFX? For further explanation how to get ultimate weapons in Final Fantasy 10 check below.

Lulu - Onion Knight

Weapon - Sealed chest in the pool at Baaj Temple, there will be a doorway to anima's shrine, opposite side of the pool on that location, it is hidden in the corner. Dont forget to
defeat geosgaeno to reveal this chest.

Venus Crest - After you have finished all the storyline in guadosalam, during your second visit to the farplane it will reveal a treasure chest. Open the chest to get venus crest.

Venus Sigil - Dodge the lightining at thunder plains 200 times without any hit. If you'll save after every dodge it will not count. It should be 200 consecutive dodges without
save or leaving the place. The best way to complete 200 dodges is observe carefully your screen, once you see a flashing light press x to dodge the lighting. Some gamers recommend
to observe the sounds but its not effective on me so i have tried different method.

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