How to get best Weapons in FFX? Hints and Tips to obtain ultimate weapons in FFX. Aquiring Ultimate weapons in FFX? For further explanation how to get ultimate weapons in Final Fantasy 10 check below.

Kimahri - Spirit Lance

Weapon - Go to Thunder Plains. and pray at any 3 glowing cactuar stones and then go back to the southern part of the plain and follow the cactuar ghost to a wrecked tower. You can
see this on the right side of the screen.
Just pray there to obtain it.

Saturn Crest - Get this in Mt. Gagazet, It is located between the pillars on the left, It was past where you fought Seymour.

Saturn Sigil - Butterfly catching game in Macalania woods, You need to do this after you get the airship.
Simple and basic mini game, you need to touch the blue butterfly before the time runs out if you accidentally touch the red butterfly you'll enter into battle and it will decrease
your time. But this minigame is really hard no extremely hard. My suggestion is this practice and pray that you'll have luck on your side or you cant try to skip this weapon.

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