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Thread: Happy National Tourism Day! Explore the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge or the - Nintendo Wii U Chat (View Game Forum)

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    Please add a Disneyland tour to Panorama View.

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    Wii u is a good console.

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    Pretty sad the wii u is gonna be a glorified iPod soon all the cell phone developers porting games, while the big games skip Nintendo again, WORK ON 3rd party please !

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    Correction: It is a great console.

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    more games are coming this month yes there is a drought but things will turn around. to the ppl that think wiiu is a joke why you like this page dummies everywhere. iam looking forward to resident evil this month and i think its a racing game coming. nintendo might announce games coming in june.

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    We want games...this kind of stuff is cool, but i bought a GAMING CONSOLE and pretend to play some games on it.
    That said: i'm still with you, don't disappoint me!

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    @Ossi, you're an idiot. You dont have to be a millionaire to afford a bunch of games. Just gotta not be poor which you may be, i dunno. there are not a ton of marvelous games available at the moment. I love Nintendo, I love my Wii U but I know when to face the truth.

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    No wonder Nintendo hates interacting with their fans

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    I wish I could be playing Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 on my Wii U instead.

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    I love it, Nintendo can post anything and 90% of you would complain or troll.

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    You failed me for the last time, Nintendo.

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    Nintendo does not need 3rd party crap from EA or Activision. You need to buy another console for that crap. Or better yet a PC.

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    This looks so fun it's unreal. I'm going on my Wii U right now and getting it, and then when I feel overwhelmed by the excitement I will vacuum some dust bunnies. Tomorrow, I might go outside and catch bugs with my ducklings for a real thrill!

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