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Thread: Complete Cactuar Sidequest in FFX [Cactuar Minigame Walkthrough Final Fanstasy 10] - Final Fantasy 10 (View Game Forum)

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    Post Complete Cactuar Sidequest in FFX [Cactuar Minigame Walkthrough Final Fanstasy 10]

    Complete Cactuar Sidequest in FFX [Cactuar Minigame Walkthrough Final Fanstasy 10]

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    The cactuar catching mini game is necessary to get the Mercury Sigil. As you know the Mercury sigil is one of the requirements to power up Rikku's Ultimate weapon GODHAND. So let

    me give a run down how to complete this side quest.

    You need to go to Bikanel Island to start this one.And you need to know that Sanubia Desert have 4 parts.

    1st area - Oasis with the save point (Sanubia Desert-Oasis)

    2nd area - Area where there's a save point inside the tent (Sanubia Desert-East)

    3rd area - Its a huge open area and there will be a ruins to the left (Sanubia Desert-Central)

    4th area - This area has sand pits and sandstorm, It is right before Home (Sanubia Desert-West)

    To start this minigame, go to the fourth screen which is Sanubia Desert-West and examine the cactuar glyph. Then you will be asked to find ten cactuars in the desert.

    Here's the location of the cactuars:
    Clue: Tomay's gone. Gone to fetch the water.

    Time: 10 seconds

    Location: You can find it in the first area, right of the save point towards oasis.

    Additional Information:
    You just run straight toward him, watching his movements
    and stopping when he turns around or instead of watching his movements, you can wait for the Al Bhed word "Needletime!" to appear on the screen. Stop when you
    see it, as this word means he is looking at you. However, I recommend watching
    his movements as the best strategy.

    Clue: Rovivea's gone walkabout.

    Time: 13.6 seconds

    Location: You can get it in 2nd area. Before you enter in the 3rd area you'll see an alcove on the left side of the screen.

    Additional Information: Just use the same strategy like on the 1st cactuar.

    Clue: Little Chava like big numbers.

    Time: 13 seconds

    Location: On the 4th area you'll see an Al Bhed 20% off sale. Examine it and you will find Chava behind the post.

    Additional Information: Easy to get, like the 1st and 2nd cactuar.

    -Alek and Aloja-
    Clue: Alek and Aloja play tag in the ruins of men.

    Time: 13 seconds

    Location: They are running back and forth in the northwestern part of3rd area.

    Additional Information: Same like before but you need to watch carefully their movements.

    Clue: Vachella seeks the shining blue.

    Time: 14 seconds

    Location: Go to second area.By the way the shining blue refers to a save point. Its hiding behind it inside the tent. Just examine the save point and that's it.

    Additional Information: This one turns very quickly, so take advantage every opening that you will see.

    Clue: O, Robeya's stuck inside.

    Time: 14 seconds

    Location: It was located in the 3rd area. Go to southwestern part then open the treasure chest and robeya will pop out.

    Additional Information: You need to get three items. Then catch robeya.

    Clue: A fiery description--The lord of the hole is gone, Isrra thinks.

    Time: 15 seconds

    Location: Isrra is running around inside an antlion pit and this is located in 4th area.

    Additional Information: Just run into pit next to tidus. If you have a chance to move just keep running until you caught isrra. Sometimes theres a glitch, when you go here its not

    there so you just need to leave the screen and go back again.

    Clue: Much-curious Elio has left on a journey.

    Time: 11 seconds

    Location: Go to 1st area which is the oasis, then you'll see elio will beams up to your airship. Go back to your airship. Head to the roof to find it.

    Additional Information: Observe and watch both Elio and ship. This one is hard because the time is really not enough to catch it. So like the other mini game practice practice practice.

    Glyph Clue: Flaile is always behind.

    Time: 13 seconds

    Location: After you take Elio's sphere to the glyph it will automatically jump and start the minigame.

    Additional Information: Just dont pay attention on the sounds and word appears on the screen. Watch his movements and time your running.

    After you completed this, you will be able to get the Mercury Sigil and upgrade GODHAND.
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