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    Feed Good article

    UNIX: http://www.facebook.com/unix4u/posts/524658580931070
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    Great information, but I think newer tools for this task are available these days.

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    Introduction to the UNIX Operating System

    What is UNIX?
    Files and processes
    The Directory Structure
    Starting an UNIX terminal
    Tutorial One

    Listing files and directories
    Making Directories
    Changing to a different Directory
    The directories . and ..
    More about home directories and pathnames
    Tutorial Two

    Copying Files
    Moving Files
    Removing Files and directories
    Displaying the contents of a file on the screen
    Searching the contents of a file
    Tutorial Three

    Redirecting the Output
    Redirecting the Input
    Tutorial Four

    Filename Conventions
    Getting Help
    Tutorial Five

    File system security (access rights)
    Changing access rights
    Processes and Jobs
    Listing suspended and background processes
    Killing a process
    Tutorial Six

    Other Useful UNIX commands
    Tutorial Seven

    Compiling UNIX software packages
    Download source code
    Extracting source code
    Configuring and creating the Makefile
    Building the package
    Running the software
    Stripping unnecessary code
    Tutorial Eight

    UNIX variables
    Environment variables
    Shell variables
    Using and setting variables

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