Pokemon White 2, Part 104: Azelf, Mesprit & Uxie

Learn How to Beat Pokemon White 2 in this Pokemon White 2 Walkthrough Guide. Pokemon is an RPG game Made by Game Freak and Published by Nintendo for various Nintendo consoles like Snes, Gameboy and Nintendo DS. Mostly all of Pokemon games have similar Gameplay and the Plot or story of the game is basically the same. The story follows a young boy hoping to be the best Pokemon trainer and travel around his land searching, catching and training rare Pokemon's and dueling with other trainers. Pokemon White version is the first game of the fifth generation Pokemon games with the addition of over 150 new pokemons and better overall graphics. For those hardcore Pokemon fans out there looking for a little help, tips, answers and guide on how to complete Pokemon white 2. Pokemon white 2 walkthorugh guide is the answer and solution on how to pass, how to solve and how beat Pokemon White 2. Learn how to catch rare Pokemons with Pokemon white 2 cheats guide.

Below is the Youtube video tutorial guide for Pokemon White 2, Part 104: Azelf, Mesprit & Uxie

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