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Thread: Do u believe in luck or hard work? - Casual Chat (View Game Forum)

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    Do u believe in luck or hard work?

    hi everyone,

    I strongly believe in hard work.There is no substitute for hard work , hard work is essential to be inculcated in each and every individual. Without hard work, we don't find almost anyone in this world achieving great feats.Therefore, I strongly assert that hardwork is key to success in anyone's career.

    do u think is luck anywhere exist ............?


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    No such thing as "Luck" imo. It's all about how you live your life. Hard work and being a good person and knowing how to handle the situations that come about in life. Good communication skills, etc.

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    if u want have somting in your life only hard work can give u that .. counting on luck will not give you anything

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    they say luck is where preparation meets opportunity

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    Just like genetics & environment, Both.

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    Both. Can't deny any single one of them

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    I believe on both! Both have its own importance in every once life. Luck provides you opportunity and by hard working you can avail the opportunity and you can meet you destination by hard working.
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    Yes I believe in luck because if you are a hard worker but no luck at your side then it is a waste!

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    I would have to say both as well. Luck plays a part in several ways. With the economy being as shakey as it has been in many ways, most people are lucky to have a job, farmers count on luck that rains hold off long enough to get that last crop in, and by the grace of God and a little luck that drunk will be at the place I am heading 15 minutes after I left. That being said those fortunate enough to still be employed are that way because they put more effort into keeping that job, maybe they took that overtime they really didn't want or would have rather been at the beach on vacation but instead let it lapse because the economy was going downhill and the family needs were more important. Everyone has to make choices that are good for their life. Because of these reasons and so many more, I believe that hard work and luck both have an equal role in every day life.

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    We need both good luck and hard work to succeed. If you work hard then sometimes bad luck can destroy all your work and good luck can double your hard work. Or sometimes you just donīt need to work and a very good luck can make wonders... so i even belive more in good luck i guess

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    I believe in luck but it doesn't have value without hard work. You can just waste you Luck lying on the sofa.

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    Sometimes you can get a lucky break but I do feel you have to put in the work for anyone to really notice you or for you to devolp on your skills in the first place.

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    These quotes will probably sum up the debate perfectly:
    - The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.
    - Luck is when hard work meets opportunity.
    - You create your luck by working for what you want.
    - I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.
    - The foundation of your life is luck. Hard work and talent make up the difference.
    - Hard work is good luck. Laziness is bad luck.

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