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Thread: Do u believe in luck or hard work? - Casual Chat (View Game Forum)

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    Actually I believe in Smart Work to do the right thing at the right time. I have seen many people who have done hard work but it did'nt pay-off and simply sitting waiting for your luck to come into play is foolishness. So I think we should do Smart Work which will definitely pay...
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    You need both of them. Luck and hard work.

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    Somebody said (and it was mentioned earlier) that luck is when opportunity meets preparation, but on the other hand, somebody else said (and it was not mentioned in this thread yet), that I'd rather be one time lucky than ten times smart In other words, you better work hard, but if Fortune smiles at you - it's just great

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    I believe in both, there's also circumstance,

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    If you want to be successful, identify your inner drive, make the relevant trade-offs. When your inner drive becomes the enabler, then the combination of hard work, focus, and luck becomes possible and success and happiness is achieved.

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    I believe in smart work but some where luck is also serves like in poker game, so if we have both luck and intelligence than no one can beat us...

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    Hard work is the most important factor. You get out what you put in

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    Luck is always with the hardworker, so i believe in both.

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