The Pic Game is a picture guessing brain & puzzle game created by Palm Dessert Studios. It is a game for iPhone and iPad. This game is formerly known as What the Pic?! picture game, but after updating it is changed to The Pic game. You can play this game online. In this game you have to tap the tile to reveal a part of the picture, then see if you can recognize the picture. Generally if you can guess the correct word you will get 10 gold coins in every level. By using gold coin you will be able to remove unnecessary word from any level to guess the right word You can also reveal letter to guess the correct word by using the coins. Still wondering what the picture is it? and stucked on it forever? This guide will help on how to beat The Pic Game Level 128. The video below will give you useful tips and free hints on how to pass, how to solve, and how to beat The Pic Game Level 128? All Answers Solution, walkthrough, cheat, clues, tips, and hints for Iphone and Ipad The Pic Game Level 128 Answer Walkthrough is displayed here. We searched and posted the best The Pic Game All Levels Answer Walkthrough available on the web to help you win the game:

The Pic Game Level 128 Answer Cheat (YouTube Guide):

Follow the guide on The Pic Game Level 128 cheat The Pic Game All Levels forum thread. This Answer guide is for Iphone and Ipad device for you to beat, pass, and solve this puzzle level. You can view List of The Pic Game Walkthrough Solution for All Levels and navigate to The Pic Game All Levels Forum for All The Pic Game Levels Iphone and Ipad game sharing and discussion.