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Thread: (For Newbie) Easy to get money to buy gem or coin in game - Game Developers Corner (View Game Forum)

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    (For Newbie) Easy to get money to buy gem or coin in game

    Feature Points is a site very similar to Free my Apps or Tapjoy. For the all three sites you need to create an account and install them in your device. They wont harm your device. These sites offer tasks, and after you complete this task you receive a reward. Feature Points and Free my Apps differ from Tapjoy as instead of rewarding you for a game you have, like if you have the game Big Win they give you big bucks, these two sites will reward you with i tunes gift cards, amazon gift cards and things of that sort.

    Now centering on Feature Points, to create an account you just follow the steps in the web:
    1- In your device (iPad, iPod, iPhone and android of any generation) you enter this link featurepoints.com/r/AG1QEU

    Tap on letís go

    Tap on install

    2- If they ask for a code enter this: AG1QEU and Iagree to the terms you will be rewarded with 50 Feature Points
    3- Complete the offers (download the app open it for 30 sec to 1 min and then go back to Feature Points site and reload the page, after that you will be rewarded with # of feature points.
    4- When you have enough feature points you go to rewards and you choose the reward you want; can be an app, a gift card, a PayPal fund, and even at this moment and iPad mini.
    Hope this helps. Feature Points is a great site. Here I repeat the link https://featurepoints.com/r/AG1QEU
    Complete as much offers as you can and be rewarded!
    I have created an account from Feature Points: https://featurepoints.com/r/AG1QEU ,Apart from Tapjoy and Free my Apps. I have been working with them and earning rewards since a long time and know everything about them as apart from using them I've researched them.

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