Around the time that the Gamecube was released, I went towards the competition and purchased a Playstation 2. I mostly played that system even after I purchased a Gamecube and mostly left it neglected only because my attention has a tendency to draw towards one main system at a time. During the times that I played my own Gamecube and when I played the Gamecube at my neighborís house I really enjoyed it. It didnít seem that many felt this way though.

In that generation of video game systems, you mostly heard of the Xbox and Playstation 2. Iím not sure if it was because of what type of gamers I was hanging around, but I rarely heard mention of the Gamecube. Only my neighbor and I would love to sit and play games like Super Smash Bros. It left me thinking that this system was underrated. Itís also one reason why Iíd like to go back and play more games on this system so I can have more experience with it.

Do you think that the Gamecube was an underrated system?