What would be your best hero combination for Marvel Avengers Alliance for Facebook. Having a hard time in a pvp fight? Always finding your self in the loosing side? Maybe the heroes your using just isn't compatible. Like a game of chess you have to play you pieces right. Below is my current combination for a pvp fight and I find working really well.

Bruiser: Colossus
Scrapper: Magik
Agent: Infiltrator

Why I chose these? I figured that Magic is a very heavy damager. Having so many abilities on her arsenal, but not so tough so is very easy to kill. I need a strong bruiser to take the damage and give magik the rounds she need to fully makes use of her skill. And since most players like to use infiltrators like spiderman and invisible woman. Having a scrapper is on your team is very advisable.

Colosus may not be a very popular pick for bruisers but its all in the tactics. Colossus steel curtain protects his allies and greatly reduces damage taken. Plus I improved him by having the phoenix uniform giving him the guardian ability that reduce 50% of damage taken. Colossus organic steel gives very high crit resistance so he can minimize heavy hits from blaster very well. do not use colosus to attack but mainly use him as a shield. Steel curtain is the only skill I use for him unless I'm confident enough I can win the battle without his protect ability. The Phoenix force ability also give colossus and his teamates the ability to unleash the phoenix force and restore health and stamina. So under this buff colossus will still be able to deal damage even if I don't use any of his attack ability.

My agent as infiltrator is also is very useful since most of the times, The enemy you encounter has a tactitcian. I also make sure that I have a curative reach to make sure I can support my team in case their health gets low specially my bruiser. In pvp you can't use items so its essential to have at least one healer.

This is only a suggestion and my personal team combination for pvp. If you any suggestions regarding this topic. Please share your opinion and give other players out there tips on how to better improve their game. Below is a screen shot of one of my pvp battles.

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