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Thread: I want game for my gf - Girl Gamers (View Game Forum)

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    You must know what kind of game your gf likes. It's the most important things!

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    My girlfriend has been playing Fluffy Clicker lately.

    It has pretty artwork, and doesn't really follow the "girls can't be hardcore gamers" trope, because it gets pretty damn hard, and you have to spend gold on upgrades strategically. It is also ideal if your gf doesn't like to game all the time, but would like to have something nice to play every once in a while.

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    Scary maze game is the best game for play anyone. Here best collection of many game you can visit on newscarymazegame.net

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    Try Eltie, it is a simple game and keeps you occupied cause its challenging as hell. Has a girl, kid theme to it. Kind of like flappy bird.

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    I'm a girl and I hate Barbie games, pretty boring and it's designed for kids. Why play dress-up if you could dress up yourself. O.o I play Silent hill, limbo and RBF. Anyways, to OP how old is she? What is her preference? Is she a single player or multiplayer type of gamer? You should know those things first before trying to look for games.

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    Oh god you need to get her child of light! My absolute favourite game! Hope that's not too cliché, but this game is just so subtle and beautiful and poetic ! I think anyone would enjoy this amazing game, but for girls (especially girls that are not hardcore gamers) this is really a perfect step into the world of gaming. That's just my opinion though

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    Well FIFA, Red Dead, i mean girls dont care homie
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    I am very confident that girls are really like these types of games.

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