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    Wii U (wat you thinkin)

    Personally i was never a fan of wii always enjoyed wii sports. Lately the Wii U has been talked about on most of the WII forums. I think nintendo is just making a version of the DS but just for wii. I do like there creativity and i have read many good reviews in japanese but still. I want to here wat you guys think. nintendo is an OK gaming company but still. Do you think the wii u is a disapointment or a success?
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    Well, I personally think that Wii U is a great innovation with brand new idea on the controller which interacts with the TV. I think the idea of Wii U is very interesting and you can even play certain games on the controller without connecting to the TV, that's a really cool feature of Wii U. I also like the Shuriken tossing game combining the controller and TV which featured in the E3 game exhibition.

    I'll definitely buy and try out Wii U when it's finally available. Therefore I'll vote for Wii U is actually a success with some breakthrough in gaming industry.

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