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Thread: Do you think our Flash game has a chance on Kickstarter (playable demo) - Flash Games Chat (View Game Forum)

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    Do you think our Flash game has a chance on Kickstarter (playable demo)

    So me and my friend have been working on a game and recently we made it so far that we decided to launch a Kickstarter. Last Jungle In Sector 17 is a new take on the traditional top-down view space shooter with added RTS elements, some of the games we relate to are SPAZ, Star Control and classic Asteroids.

    Here's our project(insert period before com): kickstarter com/projects/1396394944/last-jungle-in-sector-17/
    And here's the game(insert period before com): ljis17 com/prototype/

    I wouldn't say we are doing anywhere near great as of now on Kickstarter, I'm doubting that we even reach the goal. We wanted to go in safe, small goal, playable demo (with easy access to it), reasonable backer rewards... I noticed the small visibility right after launch, but following a post on Reddit I calmed down a little. Well 10 days later we are still struggling to get attention, I sent out a letter to 65+ gaming news sites - 1 responses as of now (0 articles), also sent a review request to about 100 Youtubers who do review videos - got 2 'first impressions' vids. In that 10 days we have managed to get 3,369 video views (3000 of them in the first 2 days after launch) and 45 people have backed the project.

    We have done all the regular: Homepage, Greenlight, Demo, Facebook, Twitter, Forum posts, IndieDB... We have gotten some good response from people who have tried out the game, but I guess it is just too average of a game.

    Are the news outlets avoiding Kickstarter projects because the market is so over saturated or are people turned off when they hear the words "Flash game"? Either way our "Indie Dream" is slowly turning into "Indie Reality" which is fine, definitely smarter now and in the future. I still think that Flash is a great platform, maybe the testament to that should be the number of Flash games out there.

    Well, let us know what are your thouhgts on all this and what you think of the game

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    We recently had a cool article featured about us on Pixel Judge, check it out: (insert periods) pixeljudge com/en/news/save-the-trees/

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    Due to popular demand we are now featuring controls relative to the screen. So check them out and let us know which you like best (add period): ljis17 com/prototype/

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    Today we launched a contest titled "Write your name into video game history". Basically we are giving one lucky person a chance to write an entire new campaign for our game, check it out here (insert period): ljis17 com/contest/

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