Treasure Epic level 86 Walkthrough Cheats. Treasure Epic is a match and remove block puzzle game in facebook. Treasure Epic game is published by 6waves. You can play this game in facebook. Treasure Epic is a very popular game in facebook. It has 100,000 players in facebook. In this game there are various colorful blocks arranged according to rows and columns in every level. You have to match 2 or more same blocks vertically or horizontally to get points. In every level you will be given a objective to beat the level. Objective can be various types. Such as collect some points and remove 95% or 98% blocks. You will also get various kinds of tools to remove any column or row during playing any level. When you will match 2 same blocks, you will score 40 and for matching 3 same blocks you will score 100 and so more. You can share this score with your friends in facebook to beat your friend in any level. The more you will solve levels the more difficulty will arise. Have you stuck in Treasure Epic level 86? How to solve Treasure Epic level 86? Here is the solution cheats of Treasure Epic level 86 Walkthrough which will give you tips, tricks, cheats and help to solve the level. I think this youtube video will help you to beat the Treasure Epic level 86.

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