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    Unhappy Compass

    Hi, This is my first post to this forum and I need to ask a question. I am Level 308 in Pearls Peril and at 290 unlocked new architecture but had nowhere left to put it. So worked hard to get to 300 to open new area. When I got there it wouldn't let me open as I only had 9/13 Compasses. In the last 18 games have not received one compass to go towards opening this area. It has never happened before that I have reached an area and NOT had enough already? Has anyone else experienced this, it is very frustrating. Thanks.
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    I only started playing the game a couple of weeks ago and am addicted to the point that I'm playing for several hours every day. However, I'm having the same problem and it's frustrating! For the last plot of land I opened up (where I needed 50 badges) I had to play for a good many days after I had them before I had all the compasses I needed. Now two days ago I had enough badges to open up my next plot and have been playing like crazy to get the compasses, but I still only have 1 of the 5 I need . Is this a new problem? Just asking because with the number of badges you have I'm guessing you've been playing for a lot longer then I have.

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