Nothing Can Destroy A Gameboy

One of the things that I remember the most about the original Gameboy was how durable the handheld was. Those of you who are familiar with internet memes know of the "Indestructible Nokia" phone, well the Gameboy is indestructible as well. At least it was for me. I got my first Gameboy in 1994 as a Christmas present and it's soon to be 18 years old. After all of these years, it's still in peak condition and this hasn't been from lack of use either.

While I'm a person that enjoys taking care of my game systems as much as possible, I had family members that didn't value my handheld system or my console systems nearly as much as I did. My cousins and friends would drop my Gameboy on concrete and abuse it in different ways. I've also had a set of AA batteries explode inside of it. Of course I made sure that they wouldn't get their hands on it again, but the Gameboy came out of this unscathed. This sort of durability is rare nowadays. Imagine how it would be if a Nintendo 3DS were to be dropped onto concrete. As much as I respect the current handheld, I know that it wouldn't endure the contact as well as the original Gameboy.

Does anyone have any stories where their Gameboy appeared indestructible?