When I think of the Gameboy Color in comparison with the original Gameboy, I don't think that this game lasted a very long time before the release of the Gameboy Advance. I remember when I got my Gameboy Color. After begging mom for days to go to the store and buy one, she finally gave in to my wishes. That was in February 1999. It didn't seem but only a couple of years later that the Gameboy Advance was being released to the world. I know that the Gameboy Color came out in 1998, but that only leaves roughly about a 3 year window before a more advanced handheld system was brought out.

It almost seems like the money was wasted because it wasn't that long before I wanted the "new thing". Of course at that point my mom protested that it wasn't that long since the purchase of the Gameboy Color so I had to use my own methods to insure that I got a Gameboy Advance. I can't help but think that the Gameboy Color was a bit under appreciated by a lot of people because of how little time it had in the limelight.

Do you think that the Gameboy Advance stole the Gameboy Color's popularity?