A Reddit user shared with us some GTA V comparison screens featuring how Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 compare. The Xbox 360 version definitely comes out on top for this one, but barely.

As pointed out by the OP, the Xbox 360 version has smoother shadows and just a little better details in vegetation. In every other case, including framerate, the two

game perform exactly the same.

Of course, the Playstation 3 was infamous for having the lesser port whenever both systems would get a game, because of struggles developers would have with its Cellprocessor. However, Rockstar Games was in that position to study how to better use the systemís capabilities in the long term development of the GTA games, which is really not a cheap investment. Itís possible they could have had the game looking as good asUncharted, but Rockstar decided to keep things mostly equal to keep console-loyal fans from both sides happy.