Are you able to guess what this txt emoticons means " =) "? Well, if you are up for a challenge. Play Emoji Mania. This game was developed by Advanced Studio LLC. and its very addictive game. Basically, you only have one goal here, which is to guess the emoticons showing on the images. I think you'll underestimate the question but the real test would be on the hard to guess emoticons. Playing Emoji Mania is a real time killer because there will be a tons of level that you will try to complete.If you're stucked on Emoji Mania Level 224, you can get the answer by using some help on twitter or facebook or use hints like removing letters, by revealing it or show the answer immediately.
You could rather use this video answer cheats for Emoji Mania Level 224, instead consuming those hints and some answers may appear on different order so I would suggest to watch the video below.

Emoji Mania - Level 224 Answers Cheat(Youtube Video Guide)

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