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    Dragon City Review

    This is the Dragon City game review forum for everyone to comment, critic, vote, and share Dragon City gameplay review with any good or bad feedback and rating in playing this game.

    You can share your personal gameplay experience and opinion such as is Dragon City a good game and fun to play? How do you think about the release of this game? Do you like and enjoy playing it? Is Dragon City worth it (worth buying or worth your free time playing)?

    Please write your review in further detail (not too short) by explaining why you think this game is good or bad.

    Besides Dragon City game review, you can contribute to reviews of other free online games, MMO online games, and fun game apps listed in Games Dreams Forum.

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    Just had a look at this Dragon City and tried it out for a while. Love the setting of the game especially the colours and graphics. It also has a very large zooming effect besides giving clear instructions to new players of the game. I have placed an earth dragon and a fire dragon and fed them into adults. However, I prefer them when they are still cute babies just hatched from their dragon eggs. I have only reached level 3 with 2,113 gold, 1,370 food and 9 gems and 4 quests to complete.

    Will surely come back to continue on when I have the time as I got to know that I will be able to breed new dragons here. Maybe I can have more dragon babies running around then!!

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