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    Browser Games

    I use all different browsers depending on my mood and which seems to be moving fastest at any given time. Sometimes I have issues with Firefox opening up for one reason or another. Still not sure why that happens from time to time and it can get really aggravating.

    Which browser do you prefer?! And, which browser games do you prefer?! Can you play any browser game on any browser or are the games made for a specific browser and can only work with that specific one?

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    Chrome and Firefox is definitely 2 of the best browsers. You'll just need to install plugins such as flash player or unity player for each browser to play browser games depending on the plugin needs for browser games.

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    Hey Dashka,
    Well, I prefer to play online games on Google chrome, as I consider it as the best one for playing games since it is very much compatible with any kind of browser games. In browser games, my favorite one is 4 Wheel Madness 3; which is an awesome racing game I played at bgames.

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    Google Chrome is fast and have plugins

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    You guys should checkout The Grid, it was featured on IndieGames a while back as a browser game pick.

    Just google "The Grid CodeElf"
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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	25520I've been playing celeb knock out at celebko . com, it's simple and fun

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    I personally use firefox, so far i have no issues with it. wouldn't recommend any other browsers besides chrome since i don't use anything else besides those 2.

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    Hello, I am interesting in online games. My favorite game is Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, which is a fantasy game.
    In the game, I play Archer and the job of the class is Bard. I often get some ff14 gil from for my class in the game world.
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    my favorite browser game is Bleach Online now!!!
    It's based on Bleach, the Japanese manga, Bleach characters and Bleach story, absolutely original..
    ww w .gogames .me

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    my favorite browser game is Bleach Online now!!!
    It's based on Bleach, the Japanese manga, Bleach characters and Bleach story, absolutely original..
    ww w .gogames .me

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    The exclusive action of Runescape is a fantastic realm of dream to perform in during your 100 % free time. If you are a new gamer looking for to Buy RS 3 Gold make Gold points quickly and become rich, then there are several methods to do so. Once you're on the direction to creating large numbers, it will be nearly amazing to quit enjoying.

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    Google Chrome is the best of all the browsers.

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    While Chrome is definitely going to be the fastest for most of the browser games out there, I've always been a fan of Firefox. :/
    I run Power on Pub, and independent video game review site. Come check us out!

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    I really like E-sim. E-Sim is a massive multiplayer online game where you can become a businessman, a soldier or a politician. The community is the best part of the game. Because you are a citizen of a country you need to communicate with the other players in order to dicide the future of your country, to coordenate damage, to help each others when help is needed. Its great and i recommend it to everyone
    Join now: primera .e-sim. org/lan.148072/

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