Dragon & Shoemaker

Dragon & Shoemaker is a challenging and extremely addictive arcade game based on one of the most popular Polish legend about Shoemaker.

Game offers you five different and exciting locations. Hidden traps are waiting on your way, you will fight with dangerous enemies – all leads you to your main goal – collect enough sheep to reach the Dragon's Cave and defeat him. Use your skills and cunning, buy extra equipment in a shop for the money you've collected on your way and become Cracow’s legend Hero – the Dragon slayer.

• 5 Locations (Meadow, Village, Town, Castle, Cave) with 10 Levels each
• Beautiful, three – dimensional graphics
• Vibrant world, full of animated detail
• Great music and rich sound effects
• Diverse and challenging opponents
• A shop with extra equipment like cloths, weapons and elixirs
• Will be available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone
• A surprising finale of the whole game


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Dragon & Shoemaker is available on Google Play.