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Thread: Dragon City Cheats & Tricks - Dragon City (View Game Forum)

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    fish ! always surveys can u send this on my mail if its not fake

    95.kits@gmail.com or fb https://www.facebook.com/kunal.sharma1909

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakshay Cool View Post
    why always surveys to download tool and even speed hacks or cheat engine dont work help me if u know something

    95.kits@gmail.com or fb https://www.facebook.com/kunal.sharma1909
    Cheat engine works for unlimited food farms, habitats, and boosts. That's the only one that I know of that works. The others are a scam to get you to fill out surveys, which they get paid for and then you get nothing in return

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    DO YOU KNOW THIS?!I got my free 850 Gems! Get yours now guys before it's too late. check it out here http://bit.ly/freegems850

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    Almost all those "hack tools" are not working. They are indeed all ads. I tried some myself and all you get is ads and ads and ads. Do not waste your time on them.

    What does work is some stuff in Cheat Engine. I used cheat engine and Internet explorer (chrome and Mozzila did not work for me).

    Speeding up time:
    I tried the "speed up" hack which works, but only visual. The game crashes when you collect gold or hatch an egg and does not save your progress. I tried different speeds, time of collecting and switching screens and worlds. If you hit the gold button repeatedly fast for a while then crash or refresh you might be lucky and get to keep some of gold you've collected, but you end up with negative amounts of gold on your habitats, which will take time to become positive again or you have to store each habitat and place it again. Anyways, it takes a lot of time and you don't get much for it. When you w8 you get more so it is not worth it in my opinion.

    Infinite habitats/farms/boosts:
    Getting infinite habitats with Cheat Engine does work, I tried it myself but I don't find it very useful for the moment. I suspect that it will also work with the farms and boosts.

    Gold and gems:
    I did not find out how to change the amounts yet. although I am able to change the text underneath the amounts bars when you hover it. If anyone knows how to scan for gold/food/gems then please contact me. I'd love to know.

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    I can't find a single one that you don't have jump through hoops from. And if you do jump through them what is your reward? Nada!

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    Figured out a handy little trick, when you assist your friends. If they need food go to their farms and assist. If they just need gold, collect anywhere else. You will only give them small amounts of gold or food(50) but every little bit helps when they have none.

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    I hope It wont be P2W with IAP and I cant believe that the iOS version was there one day (or more) earlier than the Android.. Do you even think about us Android user?

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    all those videos took me nowhere

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    hey gundogan, your blog is full of crap I'm sorry

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    I tried all of the mirrors, but I'm sure now your tool doesn't work at all. Thanks for wasting my time!

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    Hmm, so are we suppose to report hacks on this page?

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    Don't you get banned for that?

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    Hey its working thanks so much man

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