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    Need laptop!

    My laptop is out of order these days and not working well I want to change it. I need a good quility laptop not heavy for travel because I am tourist and often in travel. I also use laptop for gaming. Suggest me about the best quality laptop.
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    There are many options to buy a good laptop. if you are not a hardcore gamer then you can buy a simple laptop just for doing work. you can go for lenevo, dell, hp and acer. Lenevo and hp are the best and you can get a laptop under 20000.

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    Thanks for suggestion dear rynder! Can you provide me about different models of dell laptop and their features? I am interested to buy Dell because my cousin is using this from two years.

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    I need a laptop with a powerful processor, discrete graphics, ...

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    hi everyone give me some suggestion .......

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    I'd definitely go for the high-end Asus gaming laptop as they have been coming up with great machines lately. I personally own a Asus ZenBook UX301LA and couldn't be happier with it

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    What is the budget you're looking at?

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    I am considering buying an asus (due to it having some good reviews on temperature and noise levels) aswell, and I am looking strongly at the G55 since it's a 15.6" (I don't want a 17").

    Since the G55 is a bit older, I'm not loosing out on anything tough am I? I mostly play Dota 2, so it's not like I play crysis at top notch level. Might play Skyrim or Fallout aswell, but shouldn't the G55 be fine for these kind of games?
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    How about Acer Aspire P3 171 or Lenovo Flex 10 N2805 maybe are good laptop

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    only 20,000 but i need laptop with good condition

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    Estimated budget for your computer be?

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    Asus or lenovo good

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