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    Clumsy Ninja Cheats & Tricks

    Have you discovered any useful tricks or Clumsy Ninja cheats in the game? If you do, kindly post and share with all of us here for any secretly hidden Clumsy Ninja tricks and cheats you've accidentally found and discovered.

    There might be lots of Clumsy Ninja secrets, hidden cheats, useful tricks, and Clumsy Ninja cheat codes embedded by the game developers. You might not have discovered any working Clumsy Ninja cheat or trick by yourself, but you can always check out the Clumsy Ninja cheat videos on YouTube or you're welcomed to find, discuss, and share any interesting Clumsy Ninja cheats and amazing discoveries on Clumsy Ninja Forum.

    Note: Kindly share only the legal in-game Clumsy Ninja trick, cheat, and codes. Your Games Dreams account will be SUSPENDED if any illegal Clumsy Ninja cheat engine, codes, glitch, hacks, or Clumsy Ninja cheat tool download survey site are posted!! Only legal Clumsy Ninja cheats no download or without download are allowed to be shared.

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    Each training item, whether it be trampolines, throwing items or heavy bags, or something else, has a cooldown time after you use it. This time is short early on, but the better the training item, the longer the repair time. Skip the repair time altogether by setting the time ahead on your phone or tablet. Then go back to the game and you will be able to use the item again.

    More tips and cheats at >>> Clumsy Ninja Cheats and Tricks

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