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Thread: Blood Brothers (RPG) Cheats & Tricks - Blood Brothers (RPG) (View Game Forum)

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    I noticed the spammers posting their Junk again! Here's a what a spammer quote posts (NOTE! Please remove the two spaces from the link above! It is protection against bots ) It's you spammers are bots, Just take your spam surveys and disappear!

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    Yep! Look at the spammer bots has several account on this board the same spammer bot person using the names of gekonmagic & mankan, Yep they are same one spammer bot, look at post # 16/17 & 21/22 posts it's very Identical.

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    I've found a quick cheat invite code! INSTEAF YOULL GET 10 SCARLET COINS AND 10000 MOBA COINs TO YOUR ACCOUNT! This cheat doesn't require any type of survey! The code is 7WdBTG. Quickly! Before they change the code and find out!!!

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    Well I'm going to p*ss off the spammers
    So spammers you can't handle the truth! This Video expose your surveys scam!

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