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    New Facebook-game: Who's tagged!

    "Who's Tagged?" is a new trivia game created by Belgian developers from Simit.
    The game is online since 2 weeks and already reached out over 11.000 users.
    The player needs to recognize pictures of his Facebook friends by filling in the correct friend's name.
    Each level a new picture is shown of a random friend and you got an amount of time to type in the name of the right person.
    When the player doesn't immediately finds the right answer, he can use some hints like extra photo or name hint or simply skip the picture.

    Its a nice game, where you can beat your own and your friends topscores.
    Also you got achievements which you can complete; recognizing an amount of friends or guess an amount of pictures right etc..
    The game is free to play on Facebook.

    Name:  screen1.jpg
Views: 156
Size:  97.1 KB

    App link: http://apps.facebook.com/whoistagged
    Website: http://www.whoistagged.com/
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    very cool this game. I play it regularly, always after school.

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    i want to login dino island for this site www.facebook.com

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    Great game ! i want to play with my friend .

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    Wow it's really nice game!
    I like it! It's notso easy that itseems at first look!

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