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Thread: NPD: Xbox One Is the Top Selling Console in US Last Month - Xbox One Chat (View Game Forum)

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    NPD: Xbox One Is the Top Selling Console in US Last Month

    NPD Group data shows that last month, Microsoft's new Xbox One was the top selling console in the United States. Over 908,000 units of the console were sold in its second month on the market.

    While Microsoft publicly released NPD sales numbers for the month, Sony Computer Entertainment declined to provide specific data, saying in a statement, "PlayStation 4 remains the cumulative leader for next gen console sales in the U.S. since the launch on November 15. We sold every PS4 available at retail in the U.S. and were out of stock in December due to overwhelming consumer demand."


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    So many people like XBOX One, I also own a Xbox One, and I played NFL, and FIFA. Now FIFA 15 is my favorite game. What about yours?

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