This guide lists the stats of The Barber. I cannot give you the exact location on where The Barber will drop as all the drops in Diablo III are random. Below are the stats of The Barber.

The Barber - A precision instrument for a master of the blade.
- item level 14
- 18.821.8 Damage Per Second
- (7-8)(19-21) Damage
- 1.50 Attacks per Second
- Adds (1-2)(2-4) Fire Damage
- Adds 10-15% Damage
- Increases Critical Hit Damage by 26-30%
- Rolls One of Three Magic Properties (varies)
- Adds 18-26 Intelligence
- Adds 18-26 Dexterity
- Adds 18-26 Strength
- Rolls One More Random Magic Property
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